Pivoting to Leverage Jargon in the New Year

It’s 6 am on Saturday morning, and that’s when I unleash the block of unstructured time I leverage each week to think outside the box and exercise some personal change management. I flex new muscles, trust my gut, and run fast experiments to separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff. I challenge myself to gain traction with innovative verbal arrangements.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the pivot. It’s about realizing you had a terrible idea and that if you move the next terrible idea quickly, with entrepreneurial fearlessness (to blanket your rampant insecurity), some people might forget about the first terrible idea. I call this lily-pad leaping. I think that’s an original thought, but I can’t tell because I’m drowning in a sea of supposedly clever business concepts, infested with jargon sharks.
I am a fake shark who will eat your fake words, you fakey faker.
I am a fake shark who will eat your fake words, you fakey faker.
But I intend, as a resolution (now there’s a cliche!), to suspend disbelief, avoid the hollow phraseology, and embark upon a journey that leads to “a spike in traction.” I just read that phrase in the Wall Street Journal. I’m not sure if the woman who wrote it is experiencing delightful personal growth or horrific pain.

Look, life is qualitative and quantitative. I know my plan for 2013 needs to reflect a personal brand that fully unlocks the synergy of my own cloud-based big data strategy, flawlessly executed via social and mobile channels, to empower a global audience with the unrivaled insights necessary to target, in a contextually relevant way, the sharability I seek to engender on this SaaS platform, which I believe is burning.

I think I just said I will blog more.

Blog. What a stupid word.


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