About The Smatter

The Smatter is a digital publishing platform and forum for creative, open-minded capitalists. We publish spirited comedic commentary and debate on current events, business, and technology.

Thoughts and opinions constantly fly at us from Left or Right. Important ideas generally germinate most effectively in the Middle, where treads The Smatter. This is not to extol the virtues of being indecisive, but of being rational and good-humored.

Behold, The Smatterfesto!

The Smatter is published by Matt Rhodes, with contributions from writers like Sean Deveney and Mary K. Moore.

Rhodes dwells professionally where technology and investments intersect. He went to business school, implying he suffers from conservatism and money-lust, but he did so at Berkeley, implying he’s also kicked a lot of hacky-sack in his day. A journalist, poet, and CFA charterholder, Rhodes yearns to transform the consumption of good writing and astute social commentary into an enjoyable and engaging experience for all. By “all”, he means those of a certain socioeconomic class that is highly attractive to advertisers. He is honest, and therefore from the Midwest. In his spare time, he enjoys writing self-congratulatory third-person accounts of himself.


8 thoughts on “About The Smatter

  1. I’ve recently become moderately hooked on RSA Animate (in between reading Smatter posts, of course). The project takes talks hosted by the RSA (Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – oddly interesting and progressive, given the name) and sets them to really entertaining “live” whiteboard animation (www.thersa.org).

    Reading your latest post, this statement came to mind:

    “…the problem with our democracy is less about the performance of politicians and the workings of our constitution and more about the content of the democratic conversation.” Matthew Taylor, RSA 2009

    While I don’t pretend that this one line holds any particular wisdom or answers in itself (the whole speech arguably offers some valuable insight), it struck me as apt. As an added bonus, the idea allows you to come around and (partly) blame the media again. Anyway, keep posting. -JG

    P.S. For the record, I wholeheartedly agree that many/most politicians are terrible people and have seriously questionable hair. But it’s worth considering that this may be more a symptom than a cause of our ailing democracy.

  2. I loved your FP “Standing in Line” post and liked you enough to add you to my blog roll. haha! You’re under “Other Fun Blogs” because I’m a mom blog whose blogroll tends to feature crafters, cookers and other mom bloggers. But, I loved that post. 🙂

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