Department of Corrections and Apologia

The Worst Boycott Ever…My Bad Utilizing the location-alerting power of Facebook, I posted this picture of me waiting in a stupefying line for gelato at San Francisco’s lauded and overcrowded Ferry Building on Sunday. Astute Smatterites will remember this was to be a Weeekend of No Lines, whence our unified front against slow-paced fancy-pants food pushers was to give voice to our cause. Alas, I am helpless against the siren song of frozen sugary fat. I have failed you all, for which I’m desperately sorry. But let me remind you that the Smatterfesto makes clear that we’re all hypocrites, and … Continue reading Department of Corrections and Apologia

Review of the Audience of “Midnight in Paris”

A Matt Rhodes Joint It’s no secret that San Francisco is brimming with learned (two syllables), smug pricks who are certainly smarter than everyone else in the room and the world, present company included. Thanks to the not-so-subtle obnoxiousness of Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris, tourists and local masochists alike can now revel deeply in SF’s pernicious pedantry by going to the movies. See, we know big words. This fine cinematic yarn alights the reveries of every would-be renaissance man, creating rapid-fire opportunities for us know-it-alls to whisper much insufferable pomposity into our dates’ ears to help them realize … Continue reading Review of the Audience of “Midnight in Paris”